Wanted…Divemasters and Instructors.

Looking for an action packed adventure? Look no further GO PRO.

Our PADI Divemaster training internship is of the highest quality and the education you receive with our PADI Course Director and instructors will make you a more skilled and knowledgeable diver when finished. Our philosophy is to pay attention to detail and follow all PADI standards. These are a few of the key elements that make our program stand out from the rest.
We offer all PADI scuba diving courses from beginner to Scuba Instructor level courses. Don’t worry if you are not a certified diver. you can still take the courses necessary to be a PADI Divemaster With the schedule of training and relaxed pace of life on the island you will have plenty of time to finish all required courses and have fun dives in the time frame required.




divemaster training


The Divemaster qualifications you earn from our program will guide you in becoming a fantastic, service oriented, employable PADI Dive master and will give you the foundation for becoming a PADI Instructor should you choose this path. You will be taught by our experienced instructors and receive real world experiences from our professional team

During your Divemaster Internship you will get to dive and learn what becoming a working Divemaster is all about. While training for your Divemaster course you get to enjoy diving in small groups to the best sites the gulf of Thailand has to offer.

Ready to get started.

To join our PADI Divemaster program you need to be a Rescue diver with 40 dives…Not quite there, no problem we can guide you through whatever course you need with a 20% discount thrown in for good measure.. Having the required amount of dives is always an issue that is why here at sail Rock Divers we offer you as many dives as you need for FREE, yes you read it correctly..For FREE until you reach the 40 needed to start the course. We wont expect you to work the dives off after you are certified, this is a no strings attached gift from us to you.

The total cost for the Divemaster program is 28,500 Thai Baht including a brand new set of divemaster required materials.

For more information on PADI Divemaster course or to Contact us

So you want to go further.. No problem.

The next step is the PADI scuba instructor course, you need 100 dives to enrol on the Padi examinations, Yet again we are offering any dives required to reach the minimum amount for FREE.
We are also offering 14 nights FREE accommodation for the duration of your PADI instructor course as well as 5 FREE specialty instructor ratings,(MSDT prep) and FREE daily lunch.

The total cost for the scuba instructor course including Emergency first response instructor is 36,00 Thai Baht. Note, this does not include PADI materials and PADI examination fees.


For our final gift we are now offering an additional 1 months FREE accommodation when you sign up for both the PADI Divemaster and PADI scuba instructor course’s.

What do we want in return?

Hard working, safe, dedicated professional divers.

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PADI Dive master

Become a PADI Dive master in Koh Phangan, Thailand

PADI dive master training_sail rock divers_Koh Phangan_ThailandThe first step in become a PADI professional is becoming a PADI dive master.  Good dive masters mentor and motivate other divers to explore, enjoy and protect the underwater world.  They inspire you to pursue your individual interests and work closely with PADI instructors to help students develop skills to become confident divers.   The course takes 6 -8 weeks or we also offer a dive master internship which guides you from an absolute beginner to a PADI dive master  in approximately 3 months.

Sail Rock Divers certified many dive masters in 2015, many of which carried on to become scuba diving instructors.  At this stage we have 3 dive masters in training all of whom have excelled in their training so far.  They have many challenges before them which will teach them how to become leaders in the diving field.

Whats involved in the dive master course?

Dive master training consist of water skills development, knowledge development and practical application.  There will be workshops to enhance their teaching abilities, knowledge reviews to increase their diving theory knowledge and skill circuits to ensure they can demonstrate skills to a PADI professional level.

Some on the benefits of becoming a PADI professional is that it develops your diving skills to make you a more competent and confident diver able to lead, guide and inspire others.  A PADI dive master is a world wide recognised certification which opens up global employment opportunities.

Click here for more information on how you can become a PADI dive master with Sail Rock Divers

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IDC plus MSDT prep

We are pleased to announce that we will be running our Instructor development offer for the entire year, 2016.
Each month our IDC will include 2 weeks accommodation, Emergency first response instructor and master scuba diver trainer preparation course which will consist of 5 instructor specialty courses. Feel free to contact us for any information you need regarding our IDC’s. This great offer will be available when booking directly through this website. Please Quote ‘IDC SPECIAL OFFER 2016’ when you contact us

idc and msdt prep


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Meet our newest PADI Dive master

The PADI Dive master course at Sail Rock Divers.

Nikki our latest PADI Dive master said to us during her Rescue Course.  “Im going to the mainland to teach English”  She enjoyed her time here with us so much that she entertained the idea of becoming a dive professional and working in the industry.  However plans had already been arranged so she waved goodbye to us amongst good wishes and good lucks and headed off to the mainland.  A few weeks later….Nikki was back, being so bitten by the dive bug that she began the PADI Dive master Course here with us at Sail Rock Divers.  She worked hard, played hard and completed her course with flying colours.  We had a great party to celebrate!  Congratulations Nikki on becoming a PADI Dive master.  Im sure there will be many more underwater adventures to come.

If you are interested in becoming a PADI Dive master, click on the link for more information, or you can contact us here at Sail Rock Divers.

PADI Dive master, Sail Rock Divers, Koh Phangan, Thailand


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Instructor development start dates

IDC dates 2016

We are coming to the end of another year here at Sail Rock Divers, with only one more  instructor development course planned for 2015.
For the last IDC of the season we are offering a great package deal. this will include a full IDC, 10 days accommodation, free lunch and 2 free instructor specialities, all for only 36,000 Thai baht.
We are also running a new ‘Bring a Friend’ package which we will be refining for 2016. The ‘BaF’ deal will will enable you to get further discount off of our standard IDC package. This will be further 8000 Thai baht saving making the instructor development course only 28000 Thai baht including 10 nights accommodation, (based on 2 sharing) 2 free instructor specialties.
The new IDC dates for 2016 are now available. We have planned our courses for 14 days, this will include a 2 day prep and 1 day EFRI. The PADI staff instructor course will start on the same day as the prep course.

2016 idc datesCLICK TO ENLARGE
please note start dates can be (+ or – ) 2 days, contact us for exact dates and times.

For more information email Info@sailrockdiversresort.com or use our contact us form or try live chat.

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Divemaster training

Divemaster training

Congratulations to Lala on completing the PADI Divemaster training courses with us here at Sail Rock Divers.
She completed our 1 month intensive DM internship program where she had hands on experience guiding certified divers around the famous Sail Rock. Lala has taken a break from teaching English to Thai students to pursue her dream of becoming a PADI professional.
The next step for Lala is the PADI instructor development course which she plans to take early next year. The whole team at Sail Rock wish her all the best as a PADI Professional and look forward to seeing you soon.


divemaster training

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Whaleshark in Black and White

This is one of our favourite videos filmed at Sail Rock by our very own Evgeny Kovban. It shows us how peaceful and relaxed diving should be.
Its times like this this we realise we have one of the best jobs in the world,  becoming a PADI professional opens up all kinds of experiences in many different locations around the world. Making a career out of diving is one of the greatest life changing decisions you will ever make and if you are ever lucky enough to dive with a magnificent Whaleshark, you will have memories that will last a lifetime.


Black and White

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New PADI Instructor

new padi instructor

New PADI Instructor

Introducing our new PADI instructor Vincent, who has successfully passed the PADI Instructor Examinations.  After 2 weeks of IDC training with Dave Arnold, our resident PADI Course Director,  Vincent was ready to attend the PADI IE.  After good preparation and study Vincent passed the instructor examinations with top marks.
Here he is receiving his certificate from the PADI Examiner.  Vincent has an exciting road in front of him with opportunities all over the world working a PADI Instructor.
If you would like to become a PADI Instructor and are interested in doing the Instructor Development Course.
Use our contact form or live chat or email and we would be happy to guide you through the process or visit our facebook page:


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IDC training.

Live a life worth remembering; become a PADI Diving Instructor on Koh Phangan!
You’ll do things others only dream of. Whether you work in a local dive shop, at a dive resort or on a live aboard dive boat, the adventure of a lifetime is only an IDC away.
Imagine a well paid job where you actually look forward to work in the morning. Sailing into incredible sunsets could be the rule, not the exception, especially if you work in a tropical dive destination like Koh Phangan. The commute to work could be as easy as a ten-minute boat ride and work becomes an adventure in itself.
A life changing experience on the tranquil unspoilt paradise island of Koh Phangan with Sail Rock Divers IDC Team will be the foundation of your unforgettable future.
You’ll experience the thrill of sharing your passion for scuba diving while helping others to enrich their lives through the adventure of diving.
At Sail Rock Divers Koh Phangan, we pride ourselves on providing a five star service to our candidates with individual attention and counseling. Our priority is to mold our candidates into employable professional diving instructors through our extended PADI IDC program. The team work and active participation from all of the Sail Rock Divers team during your IDC is very unique and is the foundation of our long lasting relationships with our IDC candidates. Personal tuition and one to one counseling is available throughout the IDC at no extra cost. We run a dedicated PADI IDC Center and our IDC dive boat is specifically reserved for diving instructor training.
The PADI IDC team at Sail Rock Divers in Koh Phangan consist of Dave Arnold, PADI Course Director, his brother Alex Arnold, the Master Scuba Instructor and dive center owner, plus a dedicated team of very well trained staff instructors, covering many different languages to make learning as easy as possible for you.

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Our next IDC

The next IDC, Instructor development course

Join us for our next IDC, PADI instructor development course starting on January 5th and take advantage of one of our great offers.
offer #1 .....4 candidates for the price of 3.........27000 Thai Baht including EFRI
offer #2 .....5 free instructor specialty ratings.....36000 Thai Baht including EFRI
offer #3 .....10 nights free accommodation in an air-conditioned bungalow when you book our standard IDC package.

Whats included

All IDC packages include free Lunch, unlimited diving, unlimited pool use, discounted bar and restaurant, free taxi transfers and discounted accommodation
great deals on padi idc

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