PADI Dive master

Become a PADI Dive master in Koh Phangan, Thailand

PADI dive master training_sail rock divers_Koh Phangan_ThailandThe first step in become a PADI professional is becoming a PADI dive master.  Good dive masters mentor and motivate other divers to explore, enjoy and protect the underwater world.  They inspire you to pursue your individual interests and work closely with PADI instructors to help students develop skills to become confident divers.   The course takes 6 -8 weeks or we also offer a dive master internship which guides you from an absolute beginner to a PADI dive master  in approximately 3 months.

Sail Rock Divers certified many dive masters in 2015, many of which carried on to become scuba diving instructors.  At this stage we have 3 dive masters in training all of whom have excelled in their training so far.  They have many challenges before them which will teach them how to become leaders in the diving field.

Whats involved in the dive master course?

Dive master training consist of water skills development, knowledge development and practical application.  There will be workshops to enhance their teaching abilities, knowledge reviews to increase their diving theory knowledge and skill circuits to ensure they can demonstrate skills to a PADI professional level.

Some on the benefits of becoming a PADI professional is that it develops your diving skills to make you a more competent and confident diver able to lead, guide and inspire others.  A PADI dive master is a world wide recognised certification which opens up global employment opportunities.

Click here for more information on how you can become a PADI dive master with Sail Rock Divers

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